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Youth Group

Due to the continued closure of the Victoria Hall and lack of volunteers to run the youth group, it has temporarily been suspended, although we hope to bring it back soon!
If you are interested in helping to run the youth group, please get in touch!

MacBeth & Oliver Twist! 2019


Oh what a show! The Auchtermuchty Youth Theatre Group thrilled a packed house with their double bill of “The Twenty Minute Macbeth” and “The Thirty Minute Oliver Twist” for their 2019 production. Macbeth proved to be a fast-paced and very humorous take on Shakespeare’s tragic tale. From the moment the three witches, excellently played by Jennifer Highet, Freya Higgins and Olivia Johnstone, meet Macbeth, until his death at the hands of Macduff, with Millie Caldwell giving another fine performance in the role, this show rocked!

Aislyn Petrie and Luke McIntosh as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth were commanding in their stage presence, displaying menace and cunning in their efforts to have Macbeth crowned king. Aislyn’s rendition of Elvis’ Trouble reinforcing the evil nature of her character and showing off her delightful singing voice.

Jack Mellis gave a perfect performance as King Duncan, whose death scene nearly brought the house down! Banquo, Macbeth’s trusted friend, had Owen Stark showing his growing maturity on stage while both Patricia Voika and Joe Struth who were making their stage debuts as the Messenger and Siward, proved more than competent in these supporting roles.

Next up came the Dickens classic Oliver Twist in a creatively funny interpretation with melodrama and comedy beautifully mixed and wonderfully performed. Zoe Caldwell gave a faultless performance as the orphan Oliver who wanted more food and who then experiences a wide variety of individuals as he goes on his travels. Isla Forrest was excellent as the loveable Artful Dodger while Owen Stark’s Fagin was full of surprises not least of which was he can sing! Leah Phillips and Olivia Johnstone complimented each other as Bill Sikes and Nancy. Olivia showed Nancy to be both feisty and sentimental especially when singing As Long As He Needs Me.

Jack Mellis was majestic as Mr. Bumble the Master of the Workhouse and he was ably supported by Patricia Voika as Mrs Corney, the love of Mr. Bumble’s life. Kind Mrs. Maylie, the loveable Rose and the love-struck Harry were delightfully played by Freya Higgins, Jennifer Highet and Joe Struth, while Millie Caldwell and Luke McIntosh were excellent as the protagonists Mr Brownlow and Monks, Oliver’s half-brother and yet another villain of the piece.

The off-stage volunteer adult Crew ensured that front-of-house, costumes, lights, sound and staging complimented the efforts of the youngsters on-stage and Co-Directors Drew Mc Canney and Steph Thomson are to be congratulated on this marvellous and highly entertaining production. Roll on the 2020 show!

P1000763 (2).JPG

Lady MacBeth, MacBeth, King Duncan & Banquo

P1000804 (2).JPG

The Cast of Oliver Twist!

Beauty & The Beast 2019

Oh What A Show! This afternoon, the Auchtermuchty Youth Theatre Group wowed a 'sold out' audience at the Victoria Hall with their production of Beauty and the Beast. The cast delivered on an excellent, funny and witty script. Everyone associated with the show deserved the plaudits given out by the audience at the end. The future of theatre in 'Muchty is bright indeed!

We have also promoted a Poster Competition for the show in conjunction with Auchtermuchty Primary School. There were 2 prize winners. Maiwen Linton of Primary 4 and Kaydey Ferguson McKay of Primary 1. 

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